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The Comprehensive Course in Travel Health

8.5 CE with 3.3 in pharm accredited by AANP

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Owning, Opening & Operating A Travel Clinic

Do you want to have your own practice but don't want the ...

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Going on a Medical Service Trip?

Learn how to protect and prepare yourself or your patient...

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New & Emerging Infectious Diseases

Learn how new and emerging infectious diseases affect you...

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Improving Your Pelvic Exam Skills

At the end of this session you will be able to perform a ...

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Understanding Hepatitis A Vaccines

"I don't know if I ever got any hepatitis shots." "I'm go...

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Understanding Typhoid Vaccines

Who needs typhoid vaccine? Which form is best for your pa...

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Neuro Psycho Pharmacology Across the Lifespan

Need help make prescribing, monitoring, and managing prim...

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Outpatient Pediatric Asthma Management

Learn how to diagnose and manage pediatric asthma patient...

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Preparing the Older Adult for International Travel

Do you know what vaccines are necessary for older adults ...

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